The Randwick stable was named after Bart Cummings’ race mare Leilani who won multitude of Group I races including the AJC Oaks, Caulfield Cup, Mackinnon Stakes, Toorak Handicap, Australian Cup and CF Orr Stakes. Bart won a grand total of 268 Group 1 and held stable in Adelaide, Flemington (Saintly Place) and Randwick (Leilani Lodge). The final Group I winner Hallowed Crown was trained under the combined racing partnership of Bart and James Cummings in the 2014-2015 season along with three other stakes wins.

Below is the list of Bart Cummings Group I winning scoreboard – many of these horses were trained here at Leilani Lodge:


2014-20153 Stakes races won
 268Randwick GuineasHallowed Crown
 267Golden RoseHallowed Crown
2013-20146 Stakes races won
2012-20135 Stakes races won
  266Vinery Stud StakesNorzita
  265ATC Flight StakesNorzita
2011-20123 Stakes races won
2010-201110 Stakes races won
  264VRC MacKinnon StakesSo You Think
  263MVRC Cox PlateSo You Think
  262Yalumba StakesSo You Think
  261Underwood StakesSo You Think
2009-201015 Stakes races won
  260Queensland DerbyDariana
  259STC Vinery Stud StakesFaint Perfume
  258Crown Australian GuineasRock Classic
  257VRC OaksFaint Perfume
  256MVRC Cox PlateSo You Think
  255MRC Caulfield CupViewed
  254VRC Toorak HandicapAllez Wonder
2008-200912 Stakes races won
  253QTC Winter StakesRusseting
  252AJC DerbyRoman Emperor
   251VRC ClassicSwick
  250VRC Melbourne CupViewed
2007-20088 Stakes races won
  249VRC Australian CupSirmione
  248VRC Mackinnon StakesSirmione
2006-200711 Stakes races won
  247QTC Queensland DerbyEmpires Choice
  246MRC Caulfield GuineasWonderful World
2005-200615 Stakes races won.
  245MRC Caulfield GuineasGod’s Own
2004-20055 Stakes races won
2003-20042 Stakes races won
2002-20031 Stakes races won
2001-20025 Stakes races won.
  244VRC OaksMagical Miss
  243VATC 1000 GuineasMagical Miss
2000-20012 Stakes races won
1999-200013 Stakes races won
  242VRC Melbourne CupRogan Josh
   241VRC Mackinnon StakesRogan Josh
  240AJC Epsom HandicapAllez Suez
1998-999 Stakes races won
  239MVRC Manikato StakesDane Ripper
1997-989 Stakes races won
  238AJC Doncaster HandicapCatalan Opening
  237VRC Australian CupDane Ripper
  236VRC Chrysler StakesCatalan Opening
  235MVRC WS Cox PlateDane Ripper
1996-9721 Stakes races won
  234QTC Stradbroke H’capDane Ripper
  233AJC OaksDanendri
  232STC Storm Queen StakesDanendri
   231VATC CF Orr StakesSaintly
  230VRC Melbourne CupSaintly
  229MVRC WS Cox PlateSaintly
  228VATC 1000 GuineasDashing Eagle
  227VATC Caulfield GuineasAlfa
  226AJC Flight StakesDashing Eagle
1995-9610 Stakes races won
  225VRC Australian CupSaintly
1994-959 Stakes races won
  224AJC DerbyIvory’s Irish
  223AJC Flight StakesDanarani
1993-9415 Stakes races won
  222SAJC Australasian OaksTristalove
  221MVRC Manikato StakesNever Undercharge
1992-9312 Stakes races won
  220QTC Stradbroke H’capNever Undercharge
   219SAJC SA OaksOur Tristalight
  218SAJC Australasian OaksOur Tristalight
   217VRC Gadsden StakesUnspoken Word
1991-9224 Stakes races won
   216VATC Blue Diamond StakesRiva Diva
   215VRC Australian CupLet’s Elope
   214VATC CF Orr StakesLet’s Elope
   213WATC WA OaksIndia’s Dream
   212VRC OaksRichfield Lady
   211VRC Melbourne CupLet’s Elope
  210VRC Lks Mackinnon StakesLet’s Elope
  209VATC Caulfield CupLet’s Elope
  208VATC 1000 GuineasRichfield Lady
  207VATC Caulfield StakesShaftesbury Avenue
1990-9115 Stakes races won
  206SAJC SA DerbyShiva’s Revenge
  205AJC All-Aged StakesShaftesbury Avenue
  204VRC Newmarket H’capShaftesbury Avenue
  203VRC Lightning StakesShaftesbury Avenue
  202VRC Honda StakesShaftesbury Avenue
  201VRC OaksWeekend Delight
 200VRC Melbourne CupKingston Rule
  199AJC George Main StakesShaftesbury Avenue
  198VATC Show Day CupSubmariner
1989-9020 Stakes races won.
   197STC Rosehill GuineasSolar Circle
  196STC Canterbury GuineasInterstellar
  195VRC Newmarket H’capGold Trump
  194VRC OaksTristanagh
  193VACT 1000 GuineasTristanagh
  192AJC Spring Champion StakesStylish Century
1988-8923 Stakes races won
   191QTC Stradbroke H’capRobian Steel
  190QTC Sires’ Produce StakesZamoff
  189AJC Sires’ Produce StakesReganza
  188STC Orlando ClassicRed Express
  187STC Rawson StakesBeau Zam
  186SAJC Australasian OaksStapleton Lass
  185VATC Caulfield StakesSky Chase
1987-8828 Stakes races won
  184QTC Stradbroke H’capCampaign King
  183BTC Doomben ‘10,000’Campaign King
  182AJC Champagne StakesFull And By
  181AJC DerbyBeau Zam
  180STC Tancred-International StakesBeau Zam
  179STC George Ryder StakesCampaign King
  178STC Rosehill GuineasSky Chase
   177STC Rawson StakesBeau Zam
   176VRC Victorian DerbyOmnicorp
   175AJC Spring Champion StalesBeau Zam
   174AJC George Main StakesCampaign King
1986-8716 Stakes races won
   173BTC Doomben ‘10,000’Broad Reach
   172QTC Queensland OaksRound The World
   171SAJC SA DerbySharks Fin
  170AJC Champagne StakesSky Chase
  169AJC All-Aged StakesCampaign King
  168STC George Ryder StakesCampaign King
  167VRC Gadsden StakesTaj Quillo
1985-866 Stakes races won
  166SAJC Adelaide CupMr Lomondy
  165AJC Doncaster H’capHula Chief
  164VRC Lightning StakesHula Chief
1984-859 Stakes races won
  163STC George Ryder StakesHula Drum
  162VRC Australian CupNoble Peer
  161VRC Lks Mackinnon StakesBounty Hawk
  160VATC Underwood StakesBounty Hawk
1983-8418 Stakes races won
  159SAJC Goodwood H’capLeica Planet
  158AJC Sydney CupTrissaro
   157AJC DerbyProlific
  156WATC Australian DerbyBounty Hawk
   155WATC Western Mail ClassicBounty Hawk
  154VRC OaksTaj Eclipse
   153VRC Victorian DerbyBounty Hawk
   152AJC Epsom H’capCool River
   151VATC Underwood StakesTrissaro
1982-8316 Stakes races won
  150STC Tancred StakesTrissaro
  149SAJC Australasian OaksRoyal Regatta
  148VRC Pure-Pac StakesForegone Conclusion
1981-8222 Stakes races won
   147AJC OaksSheraco
  146STC Storm Queen StakesSheraco
  145STC Rosemount ClassicSheraco
  144VRC Lks Mackinnon StakesBelmura Lad
  143AJC Metropolitan H’capBelmura Lad
  142AJC Spring Champion StakesBest Western
1980-8115 Stakes races won
   141STC Rosemount ClassicCordon Rose
  140STC Rawson StakesHyperno
  139VRC Australian CupHyperno
  138VRC Newmarket H’capElounda Bay
   137VRC Mackinnon StakesBelmura Lad
  136VATC Caulfield CupMing Dynasty
   135VATC Caulfield StakesHyperno
1979-8013 Stakes races won
  134STC Rosemount ClassicStage Hit
  133VRC Australian CupMing Dynasty
  132WATC WA DerbyLloyd’s Gold
   131VRC Melbourne CupHyperno
1978-7918 Stakes races won
  130STC Golden Slipper StakesCentury Miss
  129VRC Newmarket HcpBetter Beyond
  128VATC Caulfield StakesLloyd Boy
   127AJC Metropolitan H’capMing Dynasty
1977-7832 Stakes races won
  126AJC Queen Elizabeth StakesMing Dynasty
   125AJC OaksInvade
  124AJC The GalaxyLuskin Star
  123AJC Doncaster H’capMaybe Mahal
  122VRC Australian CupMing Dynasty
   121VRC Newmarket H’capMaybe Mahal
  120VRC Lightning StakesMaybe Mahal
   119WATC Marlboro ‘50,000’Stormy Rex
   118WATC WA DerbyStormy Rex
   117VRC Melbourne CupGold And Black
   116VRC Victorian DerbyStormy Rex
   115VATC Caulfield CupMing Dynasty
   114SAJC SA DerbyStormy Rex
   113AJC DerbyBelmura Lad
   112AJC Flight StakesSun Sally
   111STC Canterbury GuineasBelmura Lad
1976-7727 Stakes races won
   110BTC Doomben ‘10,000’Maybe Mahal
  109SAJC Goodwood H’capRomantic Dream
  108AJC Queen Eliz StakesNgawyni
  107AJC Doncaster H’capJust Ideal
  106VRC Australian CupNgawyni
  105VRC Sires’ Produce StakesBold Zest
  104VRC Lightning StakesMaybe Mahal
  103VRC George Adams H’capMaybe Mahal
  102VRC Lks Mackinnon StakesGold And Black
  101VRC Craven ‘A’ StakesMaybe Mahal
 100SAJC SA DerbyVacuum
   99AJC Flight StakesApollua
   98AJC Epsom H’capLa Neige
1975-7631 Stakes races won
   97AJC Champagne StakesVivarchi
   96STC Golden Slipper StakesVivarchi
   95VRC Australian CupLord Dudley
   94MVRC William Reid StakesLord Dudley
   93VRC Melbourne CupThink Big
   92SAJC SA DerbyPrince Of All
   91VATC Marlboro (Vic Health) CupCap d’Antibes
   90MVRC Freeway (Manikato) StakesLord Dudley
1974-7545 Stakes races won
   89QTC Brisbane CupHerminia
   88QTC Queensland DerbyBottled Sunshine
   87SAJC Goodwood H’capKenmark
   86VRC Australian CupLeilani
   85VRC Sires’ Produce StakesLord Dudley
   84VRC Newmarket H’capCap d’Antibes
   83VATC Blue Diamond StakesLord Dudley
   82VATC Futurity StakesMartindale
   81VRC Lightning StakesCap d’Antibes
   80VATC CF Orr StakesLeilani
   79MVRC William Reid StakesLeica Show
   78WATC WA DerbyBottled Sunshine
   77VRC George Adams H’capSkyjack
   76VRC OaksLeica Show
   75VRC Melbourne CupThink Big
   74VRC Lks Mackinnon StakesLeilani `
   73VATC Caulfield CupLeilani
   72VATC Toorak H’capLeilani
   71VATC Caulfield GuineasKenmark
   70AJC Flight StakesCap d’Antibes
1973-7433 Stakes races won
   69AJC All-Aged StakesTontonan
   68AJC OaksLeilani
   67AJC The GalaxyStarglow
   66AJC Doncaster H’capTontonan
   65AJC Australasian Champion StakesAsgard
   64VRC Sires’ Produce StakesSkyjack
   63VATC Oakleigh PlateTontonan
   62VRC Lightning StakesCentury
   61WATC Australian DerbyLeica Lover
   60WATC Karrakatta PlateVain Prince
   59WATC WA DerbyAsgard
   58VRC George Adams H’capTaj Rossi
   57VRC Victorian DerbyTaj Rossi
   56VRC Craven ‘A’ StakesCentury
   55MVRC WS Cox PlateTaj Rossi
1972-7320 Stakes races won
   54SAJC Goodwood H’capWise Virgin
   53AJC Sires’ Produce StakesTontonan
   52STC Golden Slipper StakesTontonan
   51VRC Australian CupGladman
   50VRC Newmarket H’capCentury
   49WATC Perth CupDayana
   48WATC Australian DerbyDayana
   47WATC WA DerbyDayana
   46VRC Victorian DerbyDayana
   45SAJC SA DerbyDayana
   44MVRC Freeway (Manikato) StakesCentury
1971-7210 Stakes races won
   43VRC Sires’ Produce StakesCentury
   42VRC Newmarket H’capCrown
1970-7116 Stakes races won
   41SAJC Adelaide CupLaelia
   40VATC Futurity StakesSilver Spade
   39VRC OaksSanderae
   38VRC Lks Mackinnon StakesVoleur
   37VATC Caulfield StakesGay Poss
1969-7015 Stakes races won
   36SAJC Adelaide CupTavel
   35AJC OaksGay Poss
   34VATC Oakleigh PlateArello
   33VATC Caulfield CupBig Philou
   32SAJC SA DerbyParadigm
1968-6915 Stakes races won
   31AJC Queen Elizabeth StakesLowland
   30AJC Sydney CupLowland
   29VATC Underwood StakesLowland
   28VATC Invitation StakesJoking
1967-6816 Stakes races won
   27AJC OaksLowland
   26VRC Australian CupArctic Coast
   25VRC Melbourne CupRed Handed
   24SAJC SA OaksMy Lady Fair
1966-6724 Stakes races won
   23QTC Brisbane CupFulmen
   22SAJC Adelaide CupFulmen
   21AJC Sydney CupGalilee
   20VRC Lightning StakesStorm Queen
   19VRC George Adams HcpStorm Queen
   18VRC Melbourne CupGalilee
   17VATC Caulfield CupGalilee
   16VATC Toorak HcpGalilee
   15VATC Caulfield GuineasStorm Queen
   14SAJC SA DerbyPeculator
1965-6617 Stakes races won
   13AJC Champagne StksStorm Queen
   12STC Golden Slipper StksStorm Queen
   11VRC Sires Produce StksStorm Queen
   10VATC Merson Cooper StksStorm Queen
   9VRC Melbourne CupLight Fingers
1964-6512 Stakes races won
   8AJC OaksLight Fingers
   7VRC OaksLight Fingers
   6SAJC SA DerbyZiema
1963-645 Stakes races won
   5VATC 1000 GuineasAnna Rose
1962-633 Stakes races won
   4AJC Chipping Norton StakesThe Dip
1961-621 Stakes races won
1960-614 Stakes races won
1959-604 Stakes races won
   3VRC LKS Mackinnon StakesTrellios
   2VATC Underwood StakesTrellios
1958-592 Stakes races won
   1SAJC SA DerbyStormy Passage